In this video, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia, which is a popular destination for digital nomads. I interviewed strangers about their work, income, advice for others, and the costs associated with living and doing business in Bali.

I was curious about the types of people who work online in Bali, and I was able to meet many amazing individuals with interesting income streams and businesses.

I hope this video inspires those who are interested in becoming a digital nomad and making money online. Success stories from others who have found ways to make it work can help others learn from their experiences and replicate their success.

The lifestyle of having complete location and time freedom is the best possible, and visiting Bali was a truly inspiring experience. We filmed this video in late July 2023 during my three-week trip to Australia, Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, and Tokyo. For about a week, we stayed in a beautiful villa in Bali, Villa Atas Ombak in Seminyak.